What’s the best way to store breast milk?

By Emilia Ivan | 01 May 2020

You can store your breast milk to keep it fresh for your baby in a number of ways: At room temperature (no more than 25 degrees C), for up to six hours.In a cool box, with ice packs, for up to 24 hours.In a fridge (at four degrees C or colder), for up to five…

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Breastfeeding Myths

By Emilia Ivan | 01 April 2020

Myth: “It’s not that popular in this country.” Fact:  More than 73% of women in the UK start breastfeeding, and 17% of babies are still being exclusively breastfed at three months. Myth: “My nipples are flat or even inverted, so I won’t be able to breastfeed.” Fact:  Nipples come in all sorts of shapes and…

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Got Milk

By Emilia Ivan | 01 March 2020

Although most mothers are able to produce enough milk for their babies’ needs. It’s rare that a mother is unable to produce enough milk for her baby and there are many steps you can take to ensure that your baby gets as much breastmilk as he needs. Our advice Young babies need to nurse frequently…

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New pregnancy when breastfeeding

By Emilia Ivan | 01 February 2020

If you’re expecting a baby and are continuing to breastfeed your older child, many questions may be going through your mind. There is no reason that you cannot continue breastfeeding if you become pregnant.  There is no evidence that breastfeeding while pregnant does any harm to you or the baby in your womb or to…

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Breastfeeding-mums-solid food introduction

Solid food introduction

By Emilia Ivan | 01 January 2020

Human milk provides sufficient nutrition for optimal growth, development, and health for the first 6 months of life. At around 6 months your baby will be ready to include foods and drinks  other than breast milk. The timing of the introduction of solid food to a  baby’s diet is important for nutritional and developmental reasons.…

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