Success Stories

Emilia helped to diagnose tongue tie in my newborn son, and gave me the confidence to remain positive about our breastfeeding journey. She provided expert support and reassurance - I would recommend her to all new mothers.

Camille Wilson

Like any future mom, you want to be able to give your baby everything that is better, healthier after birth. How to do this?
I would highly recommend to your doctor Dr. Emilia Ivan .. I had the breastfeeding course today and I learned many new things, nor does it compare with what you think you know .. or with what you think is easy .. or with what you read .. because, to a large extent, the success of breastfeeding depends on the accuracy of the information you receive in a Breastfeeding Course. If the information given to you is wrong, you risk losing the correct start in breastfeeding initiation, problems arise and you can fail with breastfeeding ...

I thank you for your patience and for all the new things you have offered me!

Olivia Cojocaru

Dr. Emilia came to my house, which was really helpful, so we didn't need to worry about driving as I was a new mum and was terrified of leaving my house with a new baby.

She stayed with me and baby for around 2 hours, doing some observations and helping us with everything. She then advised me on things to do to improve my milk supply, prescribed some homeopathic remedies for me and baby (as baby had reflux), advised us to do an intolerance test, helped with latching and etc..

She was always in touch with me by email or messenger, to follow up. An extremely qualified and kind person.

I'd definitely recommend!

Vanessa Nessner